Traveling to Wolverhampton with Haaland and Man City in the Premier League

The Citizens made quick work of the Wolves while they were on their way, and they currently hold the lead briefly.

A triumph that cannot be contested. Premier League: City prevailed over Wolverhampton and assumed the lead after the match was postponed for a week due to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. The match finally took place this week, and it was announced that City had prevailed. The lads coached by Pep Guardiola came out on top in a very short amount of time. After some excellent positioning by Phil Foden on the right side of the field in the first minute of play, Kevin De Bruyne threw a millimeter cross to Jack Grealish, and Jack Grealish took it wonderfully while throwing himself to the ground to start the scoring.

Erling Haaland continues, Wolves see red

One-quarter of an hour later, it was unavoidable that Erling Haaland would be the one to shake the net, and this time it was for the eleventh time (!) in the league this season. In the sixteenth minute of play, the Norwegian player threw the ball at his foot while he was located on the axis of the field and did not have an immediate opponent close. After that, he tripped Max Kilman and then proceeded to strike the ball with his right foot at a low angle near the entrance to the penalty area. An attempt that the goalkeeper for the Wolves, José Sá, was unable to block. The players under Bruno Lage’s direction continued to live out their “horror” beyond that point. Shortly after the first half an hour of play (33e), Nathan Collins was sent back to the locker room by the referee of the match, who was superb this afternoon. Collins was found guilty of kicking Jack Grealish in the stomach, and the referee made the appropriate decision to do so.

City new leader

The numerical disadvantage suffered by the Wolves was not warranted. They were able to give their opponents of the day major issues in the second half, which lasted for almost twenty minutes, thanks to their abundance of energy and the high level of their technical play. On the other hand, the City team had a more impressive collection of players. And then, in the sixty-ninth minute, after a new cross from Kevin De Bruyne on the right side, Phil Foden made matters much worse with a deft little move that was directed toward the goal. The Citizens have temporarily regained the lead in the Premier League as a result of this tremendous victory. They are currently two points ahead of Arsenal, who will be competing against Brentford tomorrow. Wolverhampton, for their part, fall to the sixteenth position in the standings.

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