Cycling: gender disparity, French Federation in controversy

This past Saturday, a great number of people who use the internet voiced their displeasure at the French Cycling Federation for its practice of making men fly in business class and women in economy class to participate in the World Championships in Australia. The Federation, however, accepts its responsibility and defends its decision.

On Saturday, critics attacked the French Cycling Federation for its choice to send male riders to the World Championships in Australia in business class while sending female riders in economy class. The French Cycling Federation, however, defends its decision and bears responsibility for it.

After the publication of an article by Ouest-France revealing that the nine riders of the French men’s team, including the reigning double world champion Julian Alaphilippe, make the journey to the Antipodes in more comfortable conditions than the seven runners, as well as the rest of the delegation including hopes and juniors, girls and boys, as well as all of the staff, many Internet users expressed their outrage over this disparity in treatment on social networks.

A decision made

This choice is assumed by the French Cycling Federation (FFC), and they explain it by citing the extremely significant expenditure of the trip. “It is extremely pricey. Several nations, including Ireland, have decided to skip out on competing in the World Championships. We questioned whether or not we should be participating in all of the categories, particularly the juniors. We did it. However, we do not have the resources to put everyone into business,” Christophe Manin, the national technical director, stated when he was reached by telephone by AFP. For the sake of the economy, he decided to forego the trip. Therefore, it was necessary to choose, and the FFC claims that the decision was based on one primary criterion: the capability to participate in the fight for the title and the medals. “For the past two years, we have held the title of world champions for men. The DTN was adamant that “we are truly going there to win,” even though “we are more in the position of outsiders among girls.”

Before ensuring that “we would have the Mountain Bike World Championships in Australia with the same economic choice to make,” Pauline Ferrand-Prévot and Loana Lecomte would be placed in the business category while the boys would compete in the eco category. This is because both women have achieved better results than men in this particular competition. Four members of the elite French team have already arrived in Wollongong, which is located on the east coast of Australia, in preparation for the time trial that will take place on Sunday. Those who were only participating in the road event on September 25 are required to meet up with them on Tuesday.

“I focus on the athlete, and I have no energy to waste from the moment that the runners and runners of the France team are proud to wear the colors of the jersey,” said AFP coach Thomas Voeckler, who himself traveled to Australia by eco. “I have no energy to lose from the moment that the runners and runners of the France team are proud to wear the colors of the jersey.”

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