Brazil, Spain, Portugal… What are Qatar’s two-month favourites?

Neymar, Sergio Busquets, and Cristiano Ronaldo are the best players on the team. Panoramic.

There are fewer than two months until the beginning of the next World Cup, and if France has been having problems in recent months, then other major nations are also fretting. The current state of things

There are currently 53 days left till the start of the next World Cup, which will be held in Qatar. Because the World Cup is being held in the winter and the calendar has been thrown off kilter, the French squad will finally have the opportunity to defend its championship after a wait of four and a half years. The band under the direction of Deschamps has only won one of the most recent six games, which has caused its fans to break out in a cold sweat.

And even if we discover the same favorites every four years, or almost always, the states of form are considerably different, with the notable exception of Italy, which is not competing in this edition held in Qatar. A rundown of the countries that are competing for the top spot in the world.

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They are on fire: Brazil, Argentina, the Netherlands

The two most decorated teams in South American soccer history are certain to do well at this year’s World Cup in Qatar: Brazil and Argentina. Brazil gives the impression of being in excellent form. Only one loss in their previous 29 matches; came against Argentina in the championship game of the Copa America on July 11, 2021. Because of how well we performed in both of our warm-up matches, we have a lot of confidence. After the victory against Tunisia, Thiago Silva expressed his confidence that “this is proof that we are on the right path.” Over the past three months, Brazil has been in top form and has consistently dominated its competition, as evidenced by its performance against Tunisia on Tuesday evening (5-1). 26 goals have been scored while only three have been surrendered throughout the last seven games.

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Argentina is likewise in fantastic shape right now. The teammates of Leo Messi are now unbeaten in their last 35 games. The most recent defeat occurred on July 3, 2019, in a match against Brazil, and it was their first. In addition, the group led by Lionel Scaloni showed that it was capable of eliminating the top nations in Europe by claiming a 3-0 victory over Italy in the finalizing match on June 1. Leo Messi, on the other hand, appears to be in better physical shape than ever before. In his last four games with the national team, he has contributed two assists and nine goals, bringing his total to nineteen. There is no question that Argentina will be eager to shine in Qatar for the final World Cup thanks to Messi, Di Maria, Otamendi, and the rest of their talented squad.

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It would appear that the Netherlands has the most powerful arsenal of any team competing on the Old Continent. Since the Euro, Louis van Gaal’s team has not lost a match, and it has done exceptionally well in its qualification for the Final Four of the Nations League, which it has the potential to host. According to the Dutch coach, “I think we are going to be a tough opponent for anybody we play.” We have demonstrated that even when we are outmatched, we can still be difficult to defeat.

They are on the right track: Senegal, Spain, Belgium, Croatia

In Qatar, it seems that Senegal is the best African country on this whole wide planet. The most recent African champion has lost a total of only four of his last 27 matches, which he won by defeating Egypt to claim the African Nations Championship at the beginning of the year. The teammates of Sadio Mané will be competing in Pool A alongside Qatar, Ecuador, and the Netherlands. Each of these teams has something to play for.

Luis Enrique’s Spain has failed to impress, and the country now appears to be well established, giving the impression that it does not belong in this world. It shows that despite its age, it is still able to compete successfully against the top nations in the globe by eliminating Portugal and advancing to the semifinals of the League of Nations tournament. ” It will never be easy to battle and win against Spain because, to be successful against us, you have to perform practically everything to a perfect level. guarantees the previous coach of Barcelona.

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At the beginning of the 2022 competition, the semi-finalists from the previous edition in Russia and Belgium appear to be less competitive. Nevertheless, the selection that is being guided by Roberto Martinez has a chance to do well, even though Eden Hazard, who doesn’t play much for Real but wears the captain’s armband for selection, and other young players are struggling to assume the belongs to this golden generation. The Red Devils, who were drawn into group F alongside the Canadians, Moroccans, and Croats, should be able to advance to the further stages of the competition.

To put it precisely, the Croats probably have experience with a situation very similar to this one. Despite having a team that was getting on in years, the current vice-world champions made it into the last four of the League of Nations. Since the conclusion of the European Championship, Luka Modric’s other teammates have only suffered a single loss and are now riding a four-game winning streak. If advancing to the round of 16 in Qatar appears to be within reach, the current direction of play may be brought to an abrupt end.

They stuck: Germany, Portugal

The famous Germany, which had breezed through the qualifying phases a year ago with seven straight wins and 31 goals scored, is currently suffering a significant setback at this time in the tournament. In 2022, there were only two winners. Only one victory in the last seven matches was achieved. There is no need for concern, Hansi Flick “After their loss to Hungary, the German coach admitted that their team had just received an alert signal. It is preferable to feel the disappointment of a loss now rather than during the World Cup. Because they were knocked out in the group stage four years ago, Germany will be eager to put their past struggles to rest in Qatar.

A humiliating loss to Spain in the match is considered to be the “final.” Portugal, who had previously qualified for Qatar by the narrowest of margins, suffered their second loss in the last three games. After finishing in second place in their qualification group behind Serbia, Portugal advanced to the playoffs after first defeating Turkey and then North Macedonia. “Fernando Santos acknowledges that for Portugal to be ready for the World Cup, they have some room for improvement, but he still believes that Portugal is a “candidate for the crown.”

They skate complete: Cameroon, England

Samuel Eto’o, the head of the Cameroonian federation, stated that the team’s objective is to exit the competition on December 18, the same day that the championship match will take place. Despite this, they have suffered three losses in their most recent four matches, all of which were against poor opponents such as South Korea, Uzbekistan, and Equatorial Guinea. Rigobert Song, who led the team after they arrived on March 1 and is known as the Indomitable Lions, has a hard time getting them to roar.

England, having competed in the World Cup semi-finals previously, is familiar with trying times. After going winless in all six of their Nations League matches, they were moved down to League B. Gareth Southgate has stated that there would be pressure on the team throughout the World Cup. The team can try to avoid the pressure, but it will still be there. England, who will be able to benefit from being placed in a more “affordable” group The teams that finished in first place in the most recent Euro will compete against Iran, Wales, and the United States.

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