First day of Champions League: goals, blunders.

The opening week of the Champions League has seen an abundance of both goals and gaffes due to the high level of competition. A look back at the major errors committed during this C1 day, beginning with Gulasci and ending with Hermoso via Gomez.

Gulati out of control

The award for the player who committed the most egregious error during the first day of the Champions League goes to Peter Gulati. RB Leipzig suffered a home defeat at the hands of Shakhtar Donestk to qualify for the competition, and as a result, they were eliminated (1-4 defeat). Peter Gulasci is a name that is associated with one of the unlucky architects of this scheme. The Hungarian squad got off to a terrible start in the game, as their goalkeeper made a crucial error by allowing a goal to be scored by the Ukrainian team (15th). After receiving a harmless ball from a distance of thirty meters beyond his cage, the doorman, who was 32 years old and quite skilled, curiously chained the checks until the very last one was utterly missed. The leather falls off of his boots and lands in the path of the Ukrainian striker Marian Shved, who has just pushed the ball into the back of the net. He is the winner. This is merely the beginning of the goalkeeper’s horror, as they will ultimately let up three more goals by the end of the contest.

Hermoso and his wandering hand

When stoppage time came around, the suspenseful match between Atletico de Madrid and FC Porto was finally decided. Mario Hermoso thought he was the savior when he started the score with a shot that was blocked in the 91st minute. He was acting as a hero at the time. But just four minutes later, a long touch from Porto played inside the penalty area caused the ball to bounce on the defender’s stomach before taking a leftward trajectory. The Spaniard, in an odd move, reaches out his arm and slides the ball over it. There is no room for debate as the referee of the match blows his whistle to indicate the location of the penalty spot. Uribe, a Colombian midfielder, was playing for the Portuguese team, and he equalized the score without being asked. Because of this mistake, the Colchoneros might not have won the game, but Antoine Griezmann, who came back into the game during it, scored the game-winning goal in the 101st minute.

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Gomez, straight to the point

Joe Gomez’s evening was marred by failure, much like that of Liverpool, which was defeated 4-1 by Naples. The English international player is virtually entirely to blame for all of the goals that the Reds have allowed. It is difficult to determine which of the defender’s actions resulted in the most significant mistake. Nevertheless, there is one that has the potential to stand out. Even though his team is only down 1-0, the central defender gets a ball that appears to be completely safe to play with. In response to the pressure that was being applied by the Neapolitan attacker Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, he withdrew to what appears to have been the intention of passing the ball to his goalie. However, Joe Gomez unexpectedly begins dribbling on the left side of the field, and he does so without looking behind him to see the Georgian player who recovers the ball and advances toward the goal. Because of this mistake, the Italians were able to score their second goal (30th).

The other dumplings

During the first day of the Champions League, there were also sightings of another kind of dumpling. We can make note of the missed tackle by Mbemba, which helped to partially condemn Marseille, the goal against his camp scored by the interest D’ambrosio, or Donnarumma’s utterly missed escape. This coming Thursday evening, the place in the Europa League where we hope that the three French clubs, Nantes, Rennes, and AS Monaco, will not make any mistakes is where we hope they will be.

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