In the French First Division, Irles is greeted with the words, “It took character.”

Clermont was defeated by Troyes 3-1. Thanks to Bruno Irles’ outstanding victory, the Trojans were able to go ahead of the other teams who competed that day in the standings.

Bruno Irles, the trainer of Troyes, which defeated Clermont and improved its record to 3-1, said the following after his team’s victory: “Clermont got the ball and began the scoring, but it needed character and being concentrated in our game plan to come back and score and take points here.” When the Clermontois have possession of the ball, they are in a position to create difficulties for their rival. Because at that moment we were short a player and consequently destabilized, we decided to go ahead and score this goal. This will not be the first time that we are late to the beginning of the match. Following the scoring of this entry goal, we will now indicate that 87 minutes are remaining. In the working world, there is competition, and new employees bring with them new skills and perspectives; as a coach, I find this to be quite fulfilling. The lack of tactical prowess is balanced out by the abundant amount of energy that is present. It is not without flaws. The work that we make is not necessarily beautiful, and there are certainly technical mistakes, but there is also this state of mind. That’s what you need when you’re dealing with Estac, and that’s what you need when you’re trying to get support for yourself. This is where we do our daily operations.

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