Newfel Ouatah kneels and refuses to fight since others have privileges.

The French boxer Newfel Ouatah wanted to convey a message to the French Federation by withdrawing from his battle scheduled for Friday night in Montreal against his opponent.

A super fight with ten rounds was set to take place between the French fighter Newfel Ouatah and the Canadian fighter Simon Kean on Friday evening in Montreal. But an occurrence occurred at that precise moment to put an end to the face-to-face interaction between the two men.

On this particular Friday at the Casino de Montréal, the gong has just sounded, and boxer Newfel Ouatah is seen crouching down and putting his fist in the air. The referee, the crowd, the competitors… After the conclusion of the fight, the Frenchman provided a detailed explanation of this action, which caused everyone to express their surprise.

“Today, I received a letter from the French Boxing Federation informing me that in the event of a problem, I was not insured,” the letter read. “I don’t have any privileges, but others do,” the French fighter said after the match, confirming his position.

An incident that, because the boxer’s complaint came out of the blue, has a good chance of shadowing him for a significant amount of time. Monovision, more specifically ESPN and RMC Sport, were the two networks that initially carried coverage of his fight against Simon Kean. A response that was shown on television and could be seen by people all around the world.

“I took a little over a month and a half to get ready for this battle, as well as the financial commitment that comes with it. My actions were a form of protest. As a clarification, Ouatah stated, “I apologize to everyone, but especially to Eye Of The Tiger Management,” before concluding, “we don’t play boxing.”

This should be enough to make the French Federation seem bad after what has just happened. To refresh your memory, Newfel Ouatah won the heavyweight title in France in 2010 and is currently competing in the Eye Of The Tiger Management league in Canada.

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