Nice-Cologne conference threatened by incidents

A scuffle broke out between German and Nice supporters in the Allianz Riviera in the minutes leading up to the start of the Nice vs. Cologne match.

During the afternoon, it appears that Cologne supporters destroyed an OGC store in Nice, and at the same time, RMC reports that a brawl broke out at the Allianz Riviera. The supporters of Germany and Nice would have tried to fight it out, and even a guy would have fallen from a tribune as a result of their efforts. He needs care right now due to the severity of his condition. Law enforcement agencies deployed tear gas to disperse the crowd.

RMC suggests that the beginning of the meeting should be delayed, but they do not specify whether it should be rescheduled to later on this evening or to some other time in the future. In any case, it won’t begin at 6:45 as scheduled. At this time, the gates to the stadium are closed. The Prefect of the Alpes Maritimes will meet with representatives from UEFA and the two clubs’ respective leadership teams.

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