The Blues face their toughest Spanish opponents to reach Europe’s summit.

PRESENTATION – The final of the European Championship will take place this Sunday in Berlin, and it will pit Evan Fournier, Rudy Gobert, and the rest of their team against Spain.

Is this finally the moment when the French basketball squad will shine? The Blues will arrive with a fresh medal around their necks on Monday morning (11:45 a.m.), on the tarmac at Paris-Charles airport de Gaulle. This comes after they won bronze in the 2019 World Cup and silver at the Tokyo Games last summer. The precious metal that will make up this charm is still a mystery at this point. Gold or silver? They are the ones that need to compete against Spain this coming Sunday at 8:30 p.m. The conclusion will take the shape of a Classic. As evidence, a sign of fate or the gods of basketball, who never cease putting the Spanish team on the road to France year after year, this streak of consecutive trips to France has to be interpreted as either.

The animosity between France and Spain has reached a fever pitch over the last ten years. And an ever-intensifying rivalry, to the point, that it becomes excessive, which has frequently been resolved in La Roja’s favor; for instance, there have been 13 Spanish victories compared to only four French victories since the beginning of Vincent Collet’s mandate in 2009. Although our generation was excellent, theirs was superior in many ways… It’s not easy…

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