A man named Fred, some jewellery, and a man

In 1978, Fred Samuel gave Edgar Faure’s academician’s sword to his friend Fred Samuel. KEYSTONE-FRANCE/KEYSTONE-FRANCE/GAMMA RAPHO

An exhibition that is being held for the very first time tells the life of the colorful jeweler, Fred Samuel, beginning in Buenos Aires and ending on rue Royale. A voyage that is both rich and joyous, waiting to be discovered at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris until the 24th of October.

“The life of anyone who has achieved success reads like a fairy tale. However, if you delve a little further and pay attention to the specifics, you’ll discover that there’s a lot of determination, perseverance, intelligence, and courage hidden underneath the fairy tale. Sadly, there were also some tragedies. These are the thoughtful words that the author and academician, as well as a role in the Resistance, Jean Dutourd chose to include in the prologue to the book “Memoirs of a jeweler,” which was first released in 1992. (and reissued today). At the very least, the life of Fred Samuel (1908-2006), who came from little and went on to accomplish incredible things, is akin to a novel.

Born in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, to a family of Alsatian exiles who dealt in precious stones, he later traveled to Paris to study under Samuel and René Worms, two of the most prominent figures in the field of cultured pearls. He launched his first store when he was only 28 years old, and he chose to locate it on rue Royale, which is opposite Maxim’s, a popular hangout for celebrities and billionaires, rather than on Place Vendôme, which is in the shadow of the city’s grandest mansions. While serving in the Foreign Legion during the war, he is given the responsibility of…

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