His comeback with Theory features Lucas Ossendrijver.

A capsule collection designed by Lucas Ossendrijver (left) and produced by the American brand Theory, which has been available for purchase since September 7th. David sims

FASHION – A talented Dutch designer who is based in Paris has returned to the fashion industry with a capsule collection for an American company. This comes four years after the designer left Lanvin.

But where had Lucas Ossendrijver gone? The Dutchman, who is now considered to be a Parisian by adoption, has “a little taught, and a lot gardened!” throughout these last four years since he disappeared from the fashion radar in 2018. This came after he had spent fourteen years at the head of Lanvin’s men’s collections.

Despite this, he continued to ruminate about the consequences of the situation. The woman who is now 50 years old reveals, “I still have a strong interest in dress and fashion.” During these past four years, I have talked to premium labels and considered my career options. However, none of these suggestions truly appealed to me because they were too similar to what I had already accomplished in the past. For instance, I didn’t miss out on any of the parades. Simply put, I was looking for the ideal project, the one that would make me want to go back to working with people in some capacity.

Aesthetic with a minimalistic focus

He found it with Theory, the American brand that is owned by the Fast Retailing group (also in the bosom of Uniqlo), for which he signs a mixed capsule collection entitled Theory Project by Lucas Ossendrijver, which is available for purchase online as well as in the Parisian store…

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