Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake has died.

DISAPPEARANCE –He was only 7 years old when the bombing of Hiroshima occurred. The Japanese designer who devoted his life to creation through a conversation between East and West passed away on August 5, this year, at the age of 84, in the city of Tokyo. He was a fervent champion of nuclear disarmament.

Issey Miyake, who passed away on August 5 from hepatocellular carcinoma in a hospital in Tokyo at the age of 84, was fond of saying, “You have to know how to hand over to the next generations, children represent the future.” Miyake passed away on August 5. He was 84 years old. The Japanese fashion designer lived his entire life following modernity through the models he created. However, his most significant move in the direction of the future was, paradoxically, that of retreating from the fashion scene in 1999 in favor of his helpers. This decision, on his part, was neither renunciation nor an escape from the company in response to the pressure of an extremely demanding shareholder. In 1971, he established a business in Tokyo, and he continued to serve as the primary manager there. In all of the years that followed his “return to the shadows,” as he called it, he put that time to good use by cultivating the artistic directors who signed his house’s collections, conducting textile research for the Pleats Please and A-POC lines that are a part of the Issey Miyake Inc. galaxy, and imagining exhibitions…

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