The realms of surrealism and fashion are mutually exclusive.

The avant-garde of the 20th century spread its concepts, its emblems, and its motifs everywhere from museums to parades. The designers create their world inside the framework of modern art by investigating its feminist reinterpretation, its visual language, and its ready-mades.

This year, “surrealist” has been the adjective that has been used the most frequently both in the award ceremonies and on the red carpets. The bustier by Schiaparelli that opens into a bouquet was worn by Cate Blanchett this month at the Venice Film Festival; Loewe’s Mae West mouth dress was worn by Dal at the most recent Cannes Film Festival; the taped jumpsuit by Balenciaga, a ready-made way of Marcel Duchamp (object promoted to the rank of work of art by the sole choice of the artist, according to the Larousse), was married by Kim Kardashian during Fashion Week…

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Within the context of women and their female veil, the world of fashion has its unique way of rereading surrealism (the feminist theory that questions the creation of female characters and the way we perceive them). At the same time, this incredibly innovative period in contemporary art is dominating the headlines of cultural publications all over the world, from the Tate Modern in London to the Galliera Palace, from the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris to the 59th Venice Biennale.

CHANEL is the designer of this cotton tulle dress embellished with tweed effect sequins. Body, WOLFORD. Leggings, KASIA KUCHARSKA. CHANEL bracelets crafted from metal and tweed. ANNELISE MICHELSON is sporting a bracelet that is being worn as an earring. Laura Sciacovelli
The cotton suit, GUCCI. KASIA KUCHARSKA is shown here wearing a latex headband in the style of a belt. ANNELISE MICHELSON is sporting a bracelet that is being worn as an earring. JUSTINE CLENQUET is the designer of these black leather shoes with a python print. Laura Sciacovelli

“The display of items from the Collection…

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