Top-level executives are easily tempted to burn out by the promise of expensive fasting treatments.

Over five or six days, CEOs and business owners who visit these specialist facilities practice water fasting (vegetable juice and clear broth in the evening), which is then followed by a day during which they consume food. Good items

INVESTIGATION – Now that it no longer has the reputation of being a depressing diet, this extreme diet is becoming a popular choice for many managers who are on the point of burnout. It is offered at high-end establishments in France. However, be aware of the potential dangers to your health.

During a business meal, two executives from different cosmetic brands have the following conversation: “- Congratulations on your line. How long have you been fasting for now? – A typical week, with the exception that I did not adhere to the progressive recuperation, becoming ensnared on the journey back by a meal shared with a customer while they were being hydrated. I was nauseous afterward despite having shed five kilograms of weight.

Next door, a marketing director admits that he makes it a habit to spend part of each year fasting in one of those luxurious resorts that are becoming increasingly popular in France. The first time, I took my naturopath’s recommendation to regulate my cholesterol and the difficulties caused by my intense work schedule. This helped alleviate both of those issues. In between the lunches I take for work and the dinners I make for my teenagers, I don’t eat very well. I just reheat whatever is in the fridge. This week of abstinence has turned into an important and priceless gift. Because I have been successful in extending this parenthesis through the practice of intermittent fasting (during which I do not consume any food between the hours of 4:00 p.m. on Sunday and noon on Monday), my cholesterol levels have become more stable, and I have lost…

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