An internet outage leaves prominent web pages in several countries without service

The problem has been attributed to a failure in the Akamai service, and companies such as Delta Air Lines, British Airways, FedEx, AT&T, or McDonald’s have experienced cuts in their services.

An internet blackout has left several prominent web pages out of the game for about an hour this Thursday. The problem has been attributed to a failure in the service of Akamai, a content distribution network (CDN). Among others, the companies Delta Air Lines, British Airways, FedEx, AT&T, or Mc Donald’s stand out.

At around 12:50 New York time (16.50 GMT), Akamai announced that it had fixed the bug in its system, shortly after stating on its website that there had been “a problem with the Edge DNS (Domain Name System) “.

For its part, Oracle, a cloud service provider, has also suffered failures but has pointed to Akamai problems as the source of the blackout, which impacted some of Oracle’s properties.

The Domain Name System is likened to a web page phone book since it is a technology that establishes the IP address that should be used when people try to access specific web pages.

Delta Air Lines, British Airways, Capital One, Airbnb, Vanguard, UPS, Fidelity, AT&T, and Costco are some of the pages that were affected by the cut in Akamai services.

This has meant, for example, that customers of at least two airlines have not been able to check-in online or search for ticket prices.

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