Israeli Violence Against Palestinians Denounced by NGO B’Tselem

27 Palestinians were killed by Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank and Gaza last year. This is what the Israeli NGO B’Tselem points out in its 2020 report on the abuses of the Hebrew state. The Human Rights Organization also notes a worrying increase in demolitions of Palestinian homes.

They were called Ali Abu ‘Alia or Zeid Qaysiyah. They were shot dead by Israeli forces when they were still minors. Another emblematic case is that of Iyad al-Halaq, autistic, 31 years old, riddled with bullets in the old city of Jerusalem. In Gaza, in 2020, the body of a young Palestinian was even desecrated by the military, denounces Amit Gilutz, spokesperson for the NGO B’Tselem.   

“  Muhammad a-Na’am was 27 years old,” recalls Amit Gilutz. He was a member of Islamic Jihad. According to the IDF, he was shot dead while trying with one of his companions to place explosives near the fence that separates Gaza from Israel. A military bulldozer picked up his body and threw it around, trying to push it away, so that his comrades could not retrieve it.  “

Consequences in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis 

In addition to the Palestinians killed, B’Tselem is concerned about an alarming number of Palestinian home demolitions in the Occupied Territories this year.

”  In total, in 2020, Israel demolished 273 houses and put more than a thousand Palestinians on the streets, without even taking into account the consequences that this may have, in the midst of a health crisis due to Covid-19  “, denounces Amit Gilutz. 

The Jewish state considers these destroyed houses to be illegal. But according to B’Tselem, Israel refuses to grant building permits to the Palestinians, in order to force them to leave their lands. 

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