Republicans Who Supported Trump’s impeachment Pay for it

In his target are the ten congressmen who voted in favor of his ‘impeachment’ and all those republicans who cost him the elections

Last month Jason Miller, spokesman for Donald Trump’s campaign, told the judge that as of December 15, he would be unemployed, in an attempt to avoid supporting the son he fathered extra maritally in 2016 with Arlene AJ Delgado, another worker at the Trump’s campaign, actually unemployed, to which he paid 500 dollars a month for that son while he collected 35,000 a month through an outsourced company, according to Salon.

However, on Wednesday he flew with the still Trump on Air Force One to Palm Beach, was the author of his farewell speeches and explained his future plans on Sunday in an interview that is a veiled threat to the legislators who will vote in his trial. from ‘impeachment’. The goal of the former president, he said, is “to regain the lower house and the Senate for Republicans in 2022.” That would ensure his leadership in the Conservative party, from which he will “emerge as the nation’s leader on the ballot” by 2024, he promised.

Trump’s target is the ten congressmen who voted in favor of his ‘impeachment’ and all those Republicans who cost him the elections. It will serve as a derision to those who are thinking of divorcing him. Like Al Capone, another Florida neighbor who had to be jailed for tax evasion because he could not be directly connected to any of his crimes, Trump does not give direct orders. He has others who speak for him and do his dirty work.

Like state senator Anthony Bouchard, who will fight in primaries with Liz Cheney because her recent ‘impeachment’ vote shows that she is “disconnected from the reality of Wyoming,” where Trump supporters believe that Biden has stolen the elections. Or Mark McBride, the mayor of Myrtle Beach (South Carolina), who plans to do the same with Congressman Tom Rice because the president “did not instigate the assault on the Capitol,” as any revision of his controversial speech to the protesters will show.

Watch out for the primaries

Those who were singled out in the already considered most bipartisan ‘impeachment’ vote in history are already paying the consequences by having to defend their position in the Republican Party primaries. Steve Bannon, whom Trump forgave his crimes of fraud on his last day in office, has skyrocketed the popularity of veteran Tom Norton in Michigan, who will face Congressman Peter Meijer.

That explains why Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy no longer believes that Trump provoked the assault on Capitol Hill, but instead spreads the blame “among the whole world.” The senators who formally received the impeachment indictment last night will look not only at what Trump said on January 6, but at what he did not do while watching his hosts vandalize the Capitol on television.

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