The Department of Health appoints Dr. Celia Quinn as Deputy Commissioner of the Division of Disease Control

The Department of Health appointed Dr. Celia Quinn to serve as the deputy commissioner of the Division of Disease Control. Dr. Quinn has been with the agency since 2014, most recently in her role as Senior Scientific Advisor for the Office of Community Preparedness and Health Services within the Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response.

Dr. Quinn also works as an Incident Deputy Commander in the Department of Health within the COVID-19 response unit.

“Dr. Quinn has worked hard in responding and planning for emergencies that the city faces and continues to face,” said Health Commissioner Dr. Dave A. Chokshi. “I look forward to continuing my work with Dr. Quinn and continuing to protect and promote a healthier city

“I am excited to continue working with the New York City Department of Health in this new role,” said Deputy Commissioner of the Division of Disease Control, Dr. Celia Quinn.

“Working in the field of preparedness for public health situations has given me the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues throughout the Department of Health and other entities to quickly solve emerging challenges, understand the impact on equity that they entail. disease outbreaks, and building resilient and ready systems to protect the health of New Yorkers. “

I look forward to beginning my work in the Division of Disease Control and supporting ongoing efforts to control the impacts of infectious diseases. “

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