What is the Delta Variant and why does it represent 83% of Covid-19 cases in the United States?

The first recorded case of Covid-19 was in January 2020 in China. Just a year and a half later, scientists and doctors around the world have detected more than a dozen variants that are under constant surveillance. Among all the mutations , the Delta variant is the one that generates the most concern for specialists because scientific evidence explains that it appears to be more transmissible from human to human.

In the United States , 83% of current cases are linked to the Delta variant , detected for the first time in India, which has already almost completely displaced the other strains registered in the North American country, according to data from the Centers. for the Control and Prevention of Diseases of the United States (CDC for its acronym in English).

In this sense, Rochelle Walensky, director of the CDC explained in the US Senate Health Committee that the increase is drastic, especially since there is an increase of 70% compared to last week, hospitalizations rose 36% and deaths grew to 26%. But it is not that vaccines do not work, since some scientific reports from the same laboratories, such as Johnson & Johnson or studies cited by the BBC on Pfizer / BioNTech vaccines, indicate that immunizations would be able to protect against serious disease .

The areas with the least vaccinated are the most vulnerable to the Delta variant

Within the same audience, Rochelle Walensky commented that there are places in the country that have a greater advance in infections and hospitalizations, data correlated with the lack of mass vaccination in these same areas. Also, the official specified that during this same week the registered average is 239 deaths per day , even saying: “In almost two-thirds of the country’s counties, less than 40% of the inhabitants are vaccinated .” In the same way, he mentioned that 99% of the people who have died from Covid-19 had not even received a dose .

It should be noted that the United States has a mass vaccination system, which according to data from Our World Data , at today’s cutoff, 49% of the population has the complete vaccination scheme against Covid-19 . However, due to misinformation and anti-vaccine groups there is still a large number of inhabitants who do not want to be vaccinated, which is why in recent weeks, the government headed by President Joe Biden is still working to solve this problem.

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